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Limited Liability Company "R.І.N.О"

Limited Liability Company "R.І.N.О"

LLC "R.I.N.О" is modern machine builder which specializes in producing high agricultural machines and compact mechanical machines, spare parts and other engineering products.

Enterprise produces and exports its production under firm’s order from Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland, Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Baltic states. Export accounts for more than 75% of general production value. However the biggest part of export supplies is carried out to Western Europe.


 Main kinds of production:

  • Agricultural machines and adapters: shovels, buckets and forks for universal machines and tractors, softeners (for earth stabilization), breasts (for silage).
  • Mini machines (motor cultivators, motor pumps, grass and hay cutters, potato planters and all range of attached equipment);
  • Consumer goods including fitting and assembly tool;
  • Medical tools (scalpels with removable blades, tweezers, spreader).

The enterprise includes:

  • Welding production (equipped with modern German welding equipment).
  • Machine production. (Big park of machinery).
  • Thermal process (Different thermal processing of parts: quenching, cementation, quenching SHF, tempering, shoot).
  • Electroplating. (Oxidation, zincing).
  • Spraying department. (Production coating with enamel and dust dry).