Fitting and assembly tool

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Screw brocks – designed for technical maintenance of such cars as ZIL, GAZ, KamAZ.

Socket wrenches – designed for accomplishing fitting in living and production conditions.

Combination wrench (l – shaped slotted head) – designed for assembly and disassembly of automobile wheels.

Carpenter hammers, roofing and lath designed for use in living and production conditions

Screw brocks Socket wrenches Combination wrench

Socket wrench
(l – shaped, white zinc)
Socket wrench 8х10
Socket wrench 9х11
Socket wrench 10х11
Socket wrench 10х12
Socket wrench 10х13
Socket wrench 10х14
Socket wrench 11х13
Socket wrench 11х14
Socket wrench 12х13
Socket wrench 12х14
Socket wrench 13х14
Socket wrench13х15
Socket wrench 14х15
Socket wrench 14х17
Socket wrench 15х17
Socket wrench 15х19
Socket wrench 17х19
Socket wrench 17х22
Socket wrench 19х22
Socket wrench 22х24
Socket wrench 24х27
Socket wrench 24х30
Socket wrench 27х30
Socket wrench 30х32

Combination wrench
(l – shaped slotted head, white zinc)
Combination wrench S14
Combination wrench S17
Combination wrench S19
Combination wrench S21
Combination wrench S22
Combination wrench S24
Combination wrench S27
Combination wrench S30
Combination wrench S32
Plug wrench 21мм
Screw brocks coating:
oxidation or zincing
Wrench 22х24
Wrench 22х27
Wrench 22х38
Wrench 24х30
Wrench 24х27
Wrench 24х38
Wrench 27х30
Wrench 27х32
Wrench 30х32
Wrench 32х38
Wrench 27х38

Straight bits zinc-plated
Straight bit S10
Straight bit S12
Straight bit S13
Straight bit S17
Straight bit S19
Straight bit S22
Straight bit S24
Straight bit S27
Straight bit S30
Straight bit S32

Sets, tool
Set of socket wrenches (5 pieces)
Set of socket wrenches 8-32 (7 pieces)
Set of socket wrenches 8-32 (8 pieces)
Carpenter hammer
Roofing hammer
Lath hammer

Socket wrench, one-sided
Socket wrench, one-sided S10
Socket wrench, one-sided S12
Socket wrench, one-sided S13
Socket wrench, one-sided S14
Socket wrench, one-sided S15
Socket wrench, one-sided S17
Socket wrench, one-sided S19
Socket wrench, one-sided S22
Socket wrench, one-sided S24
Socket wrench, one-sidedS27
Socket wrench, one-sided S30
Socket wrench, one-sided S32
Socket wrench, one-sided S38

Socket wrench Combination wrench Hammers