Mini equipment

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Mini equipment of agricultural and municipal purpose

Motor cultivator RINO

Motor cultivator RINODesigned for ground treatment: soil softening, plowing, land forming, and wrapping fertilizer into the ground

Depth of soil softening, max, mm - 200
Working width , mm - 300, 550, 800
Quantity of tillers, pieces - 6 (3+3)
Productivity under normal ground and depth of softening up to 200 mm, m2/hour - 50-60
Type of engine - BRIGGS&STRATTON
Engine capacity, k.s. - 6,5 (5,5)
Gear – single-reduction, worm.
Steering mechanism –lever-type, regulated in vertical and horizontal directions, equipped with remote control junction
Frames, mm - 1200х600х660
Weight - 52 kl

System for potato processing

Potato-planter Machine for hilling Disk hiller Potato digger


Designed to plant potatoes on preliminary processed ground

Depth of planting: 20-150 mm.
Planting step in the row: 210 mm.
Bin capacity (working): 30 l.

Machine for hilling

Designed for making holes, hilling, bend over two sides

Depth of hilling: 100-200 mm.
Width of hilling: 150-300 mm.

Disk hiller

Designed for hilling

Regulation: wide range

Potato digger

Designed to dig potato

Depth up to: 200 mm

Plowing system Walk-behind tractor with trail car Grass-cutter Hay harvester

Plowing system

Designed for flat plowing and hole covering

Walk-behind tractor with trail car

Designed for goods transporting

Gear box: 3 forward, 1 backwards
Maximal speed: 15 km/h


Designed to cut the grass

Height of cutting: 25, 40, 55 mm.
Productivity: 400 m2/h

Hay harvester

Designed for grass cutting and grain varieties

Grasp width: 680 mm.
Productivity: 1500 m2/h

Motor pump Snow removal machine Active rotor

Motor pump

Designed for dispensing liquid

Suction head: 4 m
Productivity: 1,5-3 l/s

Snow removal machine

Designed for snow removing

Grasp width: 600 mm
Productivity: 400 m3/h

Active rotor

Designed for ground processing: softening,  plowing, weeding, deplanation, wrapping fertilizer into the ground

Plowing depth, max, mm - 200
Processing width, mm - 800
Quantity of cutters, pieces - 2
Productivity under normal soil and softening depth up to 200 mm, m2/h - 50-60
Engine capacity, k.s. - 6,5 (5,5)
Gear – single-reduction, worm.
Steering mechanism –lever-type, regulated in vertical and horizontal directions, equipped with remote control junction
Weight - 52 kg

LLC "R.І.N.О" – has big experience and competence in production of compact machines (mini equipment).

Machine builder LLC “R.I.N.O”  has been producing compact machines for more than 15 years for mechanization of manual work in agricultural and municipal household. More than 80 % of which are exported to Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and other countries. Compact machines are of high quality, reliable and perfect on the level of best world samples. Enterprise produces wide range of compact machines for individual, farming households for municipal use (walk-behind tractors, motor tillers, motor pumps, grass and hay cutters, engines for boats, machines for highway striping, snow removal and so on).

Machines provide ground processing up to 2 ha and more. They are widely used by farmers for growing and looking after truck crops and in gardening. For potato growing wide set of devices is used for taking full cycle of agricultural measures: ground preparing, planting, softening, covering and harvest gathering. For grass cutting and crops productive self-moving disk cutter is offered which can be used on both flat and downhill lots. Moreover range of necessary machines is produced for municipal use and enterprise purposes such as: lawn movers, motor pumps, machines for highway striping, snow removal.

Principal difference of these machines lies in the fact that there is an opportunity to use one power unit on different operative parts: walk-behind tractor, motor-tiller, grass and hay cutter, motor pump, snow removal and others. Machines are equipped with reliable, low-maintenance petrol engine BRIGGS&STRATTON with capacity 6,5 k.s.

Main advantages of motor cultivator RINO

  1. Ability of integration of wide range of attached and towing equipment that significantly widens opportunities of motor cultivator implementation: these are creeper gear with different wheels both metal and pneumatic, different in diameter and use, wrapper, potato digger, potato planter, different harrows and many others.
  2. Ability to use one power unit on other operative parts: walk-behind tractors, motor-tillers, grass and hay cutters, motor pumps, snow removals.
  3. Opportunity simply and quickly to remove or put and fix power unit (engine with steering wheel, adapter and flywheel clutch) with the help of reliable collar.
  4. Cast-iron housing unlike aluminum or pressed steel provides high hardness and wearing quality that guaranties high longevity and also provides bigger weight that makes technical characteristics much better and provides quick deepening of cutters of motor cultivator into the ground and improves ground contact.
  5. Use of cutters knives from steel of 65 g with necessary heat treatment guarantees high, actually unlimited longevity of their work and qualitative accomplishing of functions.
  6. Use of cutters, combined by sections which can be quickly removed or set and reliably fixed with quick-replaceable forks and splints, gives opportunity to change grasp width which is necessary in different works accomplishing and also convenience when transporting.
  7. Use of worm-gear, that works in oil bath, produced according to up-to-date technologies (final thread grinding of worm turns, compulsory spinning of every gear) that provides high working reliability and longevity (compared to chain drive gearing).
  8. Use of centrifugal clutch gives opportunity to turn off rotation of operative units at idle, provides qualitative clutch only by controlling with gas coin, whereas when providing clutch with the help of belt gearing one must constantly push the lever to tighten the belt.
  9. Main proof of advantages, pluses in favour of this construction of motor cultivator is permanent demand both in Ukraine and overseas (Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Poland) for already 15 years,  where they were sold the most, besides demand is growing and it is under the condition that western market is filled with similar machines of different producers.