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Machine builder LLC “R.І.N.О” proposes qualitative services of:

Metal working:

  • Production and design of steel construction varying difficulty level, technological, nonstandard steel constructions customized and according to customer’s  sketches;
  • Turning, milling, grinding, drilling and metal flexing and other metal working services.

Flame metal cutting:

  • Machine works under control of modern system NC, that’s why our equipment allows quickly and qualitatively carry out sheet cutting of ferrous and nonferrous metals of width from 1 to 200 mm accurate within 0,2 mm. Maximal size of sheet is 2,0× 6,0 m. There is opportunity to cut parts of geometric forms.

Galvano-chemical coating:

  • Electrochemical zincing of steel parts with bright zinc coating with blue passivation.
  • Chemical oxidation for creating rust-proofing decorative protective coating for cast iron parts.